Sample to Genomics Solutions

S2 Genomics is developing integrated sample preparation systems for processing tissues into genomic samples for single-cell genomics and cell biology studies.

The Singulator™ 100 enables rapid and hands-off tissue dissociations, making it easy for researchers to reproducibly prepare suspensions of nuclei or highly viable cells from small samples in high yield, for a wide range of single-cell  analyses.

The Singulator 100 overcomes the challenges with manual tissue preparation methods by producing consistent cell or nuclei isolations from a variety of solid tissue samples, reducing hours of hands-on processing to minutes.

Learn more about how to accelerate your single-cell research with the Singulator system here.

Spatial Sequencing™

S2 is developing single cell spatial sequencing technology that will capture the spatial location, i.e., 3-dimensional coordinates, of single cells in tissue for NGS readout.

Spatial sequencing™ will be a key to understanding

  • Tissue micro environments and how the diversity of heterogeneous cells affects human health, including cancer formation and progression
  • How the microbiol interacts with the host
  • Cell and tissue response to stimuli including therapeutic agents,
  • How organism and tissues develop, organize, function, and regenerate in all multi cellular organisms

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