S2 Genomics will be attending the following events and conferences. Join us to learn about our automated solid tissue dissociation products for single-cell research. Contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting at one of these events.

Upcoming Events

Sep 21-23, 2023The Japanese Cancer Association Annual Meeting (Distributor: SCRUM)Yokahama, Japan
Sep 26-28, 2023ILMAC - Platform for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology (Distributor: Bucher)Basel, Switzerland
Oct 18-19, 2023ELRIG Drug Discovery (Distributor: GC biotech)Liverpool, UK
Nov 1-2, 2023LAB Innovations (Distributor: GC biotech)Birmingham, UK

Past Events

Sep 7-9, 2023 AGBT Precision HealthSan Diego, CA
Aug 28-30, 2023Cell Symposia, The Conceptual Power of Single Cell BiologySan Diego, CA
Jul 16-21, 2023The XXIII International Congress of Genetics (Distributor: Trend Bio)Melbourne, Australia
Jul 10-12, 2023Human Cell Atlas Annual MeetingToronto, ON, Canada
Jul 5-8, 20237th World Immune Regulation Meeting (Distributor: Bucher)Davos, Switzerland
Jun 22-23, 2023Single Cell Omics Conference Markets and MarketsBoston, MA
Jun 21-23, 2023SEASR (Southeast) ABRF RegionalAtlanta, GA
Jun 18-22, 2023Keystone Symposia: Single Cell Biology from Development to CancerKeystone, CO
May 22-2, 2023SLAS Europe 2023 (Distributor GC biotech)Brussels, Belgium
May 16-18, 2023NIH HuBMAP Annual MeetingNashville, TN
May 9-11, 2023LABVOLUTION 23 (Distributor GC biotech)Hannover, Germany
May 5-10, 2023ABRF Annual MeetingBoston, MA
Apr 14 - 19, 2023AACR Annual Meeting 2023 (Booth #973)Orlando, FL, USA
Apr 4-5, 2023CLARA - Cancer Research Forum (Distributor: Proteigene)Lyon, France
Mar 23-25, 2023Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (Distributor: SCRUM)Kyoto, Japan (Japanese only)
Feb 20-23, 2023FISB 2023 (Distributor: Eisenberg)Eilat, Israel
Feb 12-14, 2023Lorne Genome Conference 2023 (Distributior: TrendBio)Lorne, Australia
Feb 1-3, 20233rd Swiss Cytometry meeting (Distributor: Bucher)Zurich, Switzerland
Feb 1-3, 2023KOGO (Korea Genome Organization) Winter Symposium (Distributor: Thunder Bioscience Korea)Hongcheon, Kangwon-do, South Korea
Jan 23-26, 2023The Festival of Genomics and Biodata (Distributor: GC Biotech)London, UK
Jan 13-18, 2023Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG 30)San Diego, CA