Tech Note: Sequencing Kidney and Skin Cells: Leveraging the Singulator™ 100 and Parse Biosciences’ EvercodeTM Whole Transcriptome v2

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Advancements in high-throughput sequencing technologies have revolutionized our understanding of cellular heterogeneity and gene expression patterns. To comprehensively investigate the transcriptional landscapes of specific cell types within complex tissues, researchers have turned to single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) techniques. The availability of multiple platforms for single-cell sequencing is important to allow researchers to select the appropriate technology to address a specific scientific question. In this technical note, we demonstrate the compatibility of Singulator-produced skin and kidney cells with the Parse Biosciences single-cell whole transcriptome technology. The ability of the Evercode technology to both fix cells and process many samples in parallel facilitates a wider range of sequencing applications when combined with the ease of use and reproducibility of the Singulator system.