Automated Dissociation of FFPE Samples for Single Nuclei RNA-Seq

Poster: Automated Dissociation of FFPE Samples for Single Nuclei RNA-Seq.

Download Our Poster Presented at the Keystone Symposia 2023

S2 Genomics has developed the Singulator™ 100 and 200 Systems to automate the isolation of singulated cells or nuclei from fresh, frozen, or OCT samples using disposable cartridges, reagents, and customizable protocols. The systems have been applied to prepare cells or nuclei from a wide range of tissues and organisms, including human, mouse, rat, chicken, pigs, insects, snails, zebrafish, Drosophila, honeybee, planaria, and plants.

We extended the applications to the automated processing of FFPE slices into singulated nuclei on modified Singulator systems. The prototype systems can perform all deparaffinization, rehydration, and (optionally) crosslink reversal steps. Isolation of nuclei is then performed on commercially available Singulator systems. The nuclei are then processed using a commercially available probe-based kit (Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Flex, 10X Genomics) to create single nuclei gene expression libraries. Sequencing of a brain library made from FFPE showed equivalent results between automated and manual deparaffinization and rehydration processing.

Presented here are data on the preparation and analysis of snRNA-Seq libraries from human glioblastoma tumor clinical samples prepared from FFPE slices.

This poster was presented at the Keystone Symposia 2023 – Single Cell Biology: From Development to Cancer.