Tech Note: Dissociating Tumor Tissue into Cells with S2 Genomics’ Pan Tumor Reagent and the Singulator Platform

Dissociating Tumor Tech Note: Tissue into Cells with S2 Genomics' Pan Tumor Reagent and the Singulator Platform

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Cancer is a complex disease that arises from alterations in the genetic material of cells, leading to uncontrolled growth and proliferation. Tumor sequencing has emerged as a powerful tool for understanding the genetic changes that occur in cancer cells and identifying potential therapeutic targets. However, tumors are heterogeneous, consisting of di erent types of cells with varying genetic profiles. Therefore, it is essential to dissociate tumors into the constituent cells and perform sequencing at the single cell level to obtain accurate information about the genetic changes driving the cancer. The conventional techniques for dissociating solid tumors are often intricate, require considerable time and expertise, and yield variable results. In this study, we showcase the e cacy of the Singulator™ platform as a means of isolating viable lung tumor cells in high yield and viability from patients diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Our approach incorporates the utilization of S2 Genomics’ Pan Tumor Reagent, which enables robust and reliable tumor cell isolation.