COVID-19 Response

We are taking extended measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our team members and communities.

How we are adjusting our operations

  1. We are operating under social distancing guidelines in our facilities. In additional to requiring employees to wear face masks and gloves while working, we have made adjustments to our work environments to ensure interactions are minimized.
  2. On top of our standard stringent protocols, we have implemented enhanced daily cleanliness and sanitation protocols across our company facilities, added HEPA filtration units, and instituted UV disinfection procedures.
  3. Team members who conduct their work in our laboratories stagger their work times to minimize any interactions.
  4. Mandatory daily temperature check is implemented at our facilities on arrival.

How we are caring for our team members

  1. Employees are telecommuting when possible. Team members who work in our laboratories stagger their work schedules as much as possible. We have asked team members to cancel all business travel (both domestic and international).
  2. Employees practice our enhanced daily cleanliness and sanitation protocols upon their arrival of our facility, throughout the day, and before leaving work.
  3. We have increased the location and number of hand sanitizer stations available for used by our team members.
  4. If employees are feeling under the weather and unable to work, or someone in their living group is ill, they are asked to stay home and do not need to use their PTO.

How we are serving our customers

  1. We have suspended all customer visits to our site to keep our team members, our customers, and our community safe.
  2. All customer supporting activities are conducted via email, phone and teleconferences.
  3. Our facilitates are operating to fulfill orders and deliver them via mail.