Tech Note: Use of NIC+ with the Singulator™ 100 For Sub-20 mg Samples

Tech Note: Use of NIC+ with the SingulatorTM 100 For Sub-20mg Samples

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The Singulator™ 100 can be used to quickly and efficiently isolate nuclei from a wide variety of tissue types, and from samples that are fresh, frozen, or OCT preserved. It is ideal for genomics, cell biology and other ‘omics applications, including scRNA-Seq, snRNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, CITE-Seq, FACS, and immuno-oncology. S2 Genomics provides a selection of pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents for nuclei isolations from an expanding set of mouse, rat, and human tissues, including tumors. The NIC+ cartridge gives flexibility to customers to dissociate and isolate nuclei from samples with masses falling below the 20 mg cutoff for the standard Nuclei Isolation Cartridge. Here we describe the benefits of our NIC+ cartridges with the Singulator for nuclei isolations of samples below 20 mg to optimize yields.